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Stairlifts come in various styles, we can supply any type of stairlift

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Ascend Stairlifts are pleased to be able to offer our clients a range of stairlift styles with a variety of options to modify to suit your personal requirements.

Our stairlifts are fitted to the tread on your staircase instead of the wall so no structural work is needed upon installation. We want to ensure all our customers are able to get on and off our stairlifts as easily and safetly as possible, so we only fit a swivel seat as standard. This seat can be locked in either a 45° or 90° degree position. We offer free installation and 12 month warranty on all new and re-conditioned stairlfits purchased from us. The warranty covers all replacement parts and labour charges, should your stairlift need repairing through any electrical or mechanical failure. Here at Ascend Stairlifts, we do recommend that your stairlift is serviced at least once a year for you to continue to enjoy a fully functioning and safe stairlift for a long time to come. We have listed below, with a brief description, the stairlifts and upgrade options available to you. If you wish to discuss these further or arrange a quotation, please do not hesitate to contact Ascend Stairlifts on 01908-543235.



Curved - We can give those with a curved staircase the ability to be able to reach all floors again easily.

Straight - For most straight staircases.

Outdoors - Gives the abiltiy for users to be able to continue to use their much loved garden or get up those front door steps.

Powered Hinge Rail - Useful in cases where there is an obstruction at the bottom of the staircase, Electric Lift

Manual Hinge Rail - Useful in cases where there is an obstruction at the bottom of the staircase, Manual Lift

Jointed Rail - Required when access to the staircase is limited

Sit/Stand - Great for individuals who need the use of both the sitting and standing facility.

Manual/Powered Bridging Platform Kit - Offers a quick and cost effective solution to a certain type of curved staircase

Extra Wide Seat - Should you require a larger seat, this may be an upgrade you wish to consider.

Taller/Shorter Seat Post - To change the standard height of the seat to suit taller or shorter people.

Powered Swivel Seat - Allows maximum comfort and ease when getting on and off the lift. Once the lift has reached its destination the seat smoothly rotates 90° in approximately 5 seconds to provide a convenient and safe exit onto the landing.

Reconditioned - All stairlift have been fully reconditioned, serviced and some major moving parts replaced to a very high standard to allow many more years of reliable service


Solving Your Selection Problems

If you need any further help deciding which stairlift best suits your need, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We will happily guide you through our products and give our recommendations.