• No yearly charges for home users
  • Branded stairlifts
  • Business contracts available

Ascend Stairlifts


Home Users

Ascend Stairlifts do not offer yearly maintenace contracts for home stairlift users. We do not believe purchasing a maintenance contract would add any extra benefits to the service we already offer at Ascend Stairlifts and therefore, would not be good value for money to our clients. We only install branded stairlifts that have proven to us to be both reliable and robust. There are many other stairlift companies who do offer maintenance contracts but due to the rare event of a breakdown, we believe this is not an economical way to maintain your stairlift.

Business Users

For business users, Ascend Stairlifts can offer maintenance contracts for stairlifts as they are used on a much more frequent basis than a typical home user. Should you require a business contract quotation, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01908-543235.